Know Muhammad Project

It’s time for the world to Know Muhammad (SAW)!

He was the greatest man ever to walk the Earth, his every word and action even today are followed by over a billion and a half people, and his legacy in both the spiritual and political realms have shaped the world more than any other figure in history.

Yet the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) remains a mystery to the non-Muslim world, most of whom know very little if anything about his life, message or achievements. What little is known mostly comes from the likes of tabloid journalists or jingoistic politicians; at best distorted, at worst intentionally slanderous.

It is the responsibility of all Muslims to fill this knowledge gap in society with the truth, before it is filled by those who have an interest in seeing the Prophet of Islam demonized. Rather than sit back and wait for another insulting book, picture or video, it is time we took the driving seat and directed the discussion about Muhammad (peace be upon him) in a positive way. It’s time for the world to ‘Know Muhammad’.